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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a desperate an dangerous search-and-rescue operation at farallone islands after a boat racing accident claim ones life and leaves four people missing. good evening, i'm ken wayne, heather holmes is off tonight. the coast guard is scouring the ocean around the farallone islands, 27 miles outside of the golden gate. trying to find survivors of a boat accident. the mishap occurred during a boat race around the islands. ktvu's john sasaki has been monitoring the search and joins us live from the s.a.t.
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francis yacht club with details. >> reporter: ken, the coast guard says the race started here and headed out west and 27 miles out to the farallone islands and that is where things went wrong. from news chopper 2, one long time sailor told me that the water off the coast was chop yes and in big swells that the boat known as "the slow speed chase" grounded itself on rocks and turtled, as boaters call it or turned over in water. eight people went into the water in that crash and the coast guard was able to save three of them, a couple of them off the rock and recover one body, but crews are still searching for four people from the vessel. >> the 38' sailing vessel put off an electronic position indicating beacon that the coast guard picked up on and those are usually in emergency
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cases. and that point we also contacted our segmenter san francisco office who received a may day call. >> reporter: officials have declined to to comment on anything having do with this incident today. there are, as we understand, some of the folks in the race on other boats still at the yacht club, but they have declined to comment as well. as we said earlier the u.s. coast guard is still out this searching for four people involved in the crash at the farallone islands. live in san francisco, john sask ." ktvu channel 2 news. >> if we get more information on the search during the newscast, we'll bring it to you. it's cold and windy and there are rough seas around the farallones, mark tamayo with more. >> wehad navratilova advisories s small-craft posted this afternoon. winds out of the west-northwest gusting to around 32 miles per hour. water temperatures in the low
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to mid 50s and seas are and at 15.5'. not a good combination with high seas and very cold water temperatures offshore and some strong gusty winds. rough conditions out there in the pacific. >> thank you, mark. a young girl has been turned over to child protective services after she was found abandoned in a few feet with a man and woman were found shot to death. matt keller in san josi, where police are trying to learn if there was a connection between the couple and the child. >> reporter: businesses are closed after the shooting. two people were killed, but police needed to take care of a young child left behind. a shopping center on east capital expressway in san josi with a starbucks and mcdonalds turned into a crime scene after 9:30 a.m. raj gill was having coffee during his normal saturday routine and came out to discover a man's body on the
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ground in the parking lot. >> the body was laying down here. i think the legs were this way and face that way and blood on the face. >> reporter: gill says the woman's body was just to yards away between two vehicles. san josi police are not commenting on why this happened, but say the man and woman had at least one gunshot wound. several people were in the area when it happened. >> saw a guy shooting like three shots and the lady was laying and shooting himself. >> police found a little girl in a child's safety seat inside a nearby parked car they believe belonged to one of the victims. >> they didn't know what was happening with her mom, but she was just like looking around. but when people started to check on her, she was okay. she started crying. >> reporter: the girl was not hurt and was taken by child protective services. bay area family fitness is across the parking lot. the violence and bodies left behind disturb people inside
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the gym. >> it freaked a lot of people out. it freaked a lot of people out. >> reporter: police are not releasing the names of the people killed until their families are notified. officers are also investigating the relationship they had with the child. reporting live in san josi, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. that is a scary feel. >> tonight's oakland fire crews had to deal with a car smashed into a building. the driver told us that his brakes failed just as he was existing for the coliseum off interstate 880. he steered away from the cars in front of him and hit the wall instead. the accident happened about 7:30. no one was hurt except for the driver who said he was sore from the ordeal. police say they have made a great deal of progress investigating the apartment complex where a sheriff's deputies and civilian were shot and killed in modesto. ktvu's cara liu with the
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latest. >> i heard the gunshots, boom, boom, boom, back and forth. >> reporter: home video captures the choo that neighbors witnessed thursday morning when deputy robert paris and long smith glendon engert were gunned down. >> they dragged him out and it was hard to watch. >> reporter: this is the third day now that investigators have had yellow crime tape newspaper this neighborhood. so they could survey the scene and collect evidence. this crime scene was further complicated after fire broke out at apartment as officers tried to get the gunman to give himself up. police have yet to confirm the identity of the gunman, but property reports identify the owner as james ferrario. what investigators did tell us that the gunman was found wearing a ballistic vest and improvis bedody armor with ammunition and police believe he was preparing for an armed encounter with the s.w.a.t. team.
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>> what we know is that we're dealing with a very clearly and emotionally disturbed individual that was inside that house. >> reporter: police in are also investigating the possibilities that he took his own life. modesto, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the modesto case. the family of deputy robert paris released a statement today. parris was shot and killed, "bob was a beloved song, caring father and brother and gear friend to money. he was greatly missed by all who knew him," the family went on to extend sympathies to the family of glendon engeller, engert, who was also killed in the shooting. an officer-involved shooting shooting and investigators say the suspect fled from officers. officers say they caught up with the suspect the an apartment complex and that is which the suspect started shooting at police.
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police fired back, shooting him in the arm and leg. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. no one else was hurt. san francisco police are investigating a triple shooting that killed one person. it happened around 8:45 on griffith street near palou avenue. police say three people sitting inside a car were shot. one person was pronounced indicate at the hospital and no one has been arrested. >> " tax day is quickly approaching and in protest tea party members in the bay area came together today for a rally. >> the young musicians opened today's tea party tax day protest at justin herman plaza in san francisco. dozens of people attended the event. one woman we spoke to said she is most concerned about
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government taking away citizens' property rights is the good property rights are one of our fundamental liberties in this country. >> and all of the totalitarian regimes in the past have started by taking people's private property. >> organizers say today's event is especially important because it's an election-year. 11 members of president obama's secret service detail were put on administrative leave today amid allegations of possible misconduct with prostitutes. the incident involved the president's advance team on assignment in colombia. the washington post reports on wednesday at least one agent had a sexual encounter with a local woman who then demanded pay. when the agent refused it parks and recreation the woman told police, who notified the u.s. embassy. >> the president is obviously away of the incident, but beyond that, this is a matter of the secret service is looking into. the secret service stresses that the president's safety was
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never in jeopardy and he arrived without incident in colombia yesterday mr. obama is in colombia for the summit of the americas. >> they are urging president obama to pass the so-called buffet rule. >> if you make at least $1 million you should pay taxes that middle-class families do. on the other hand if you make less than $250,000, your taxes shouldn't go up. >> although the president said he cut taxes multiple times on the middle-class and small businesses he said the u.s. can't afford any more cuts. republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich spent the day campaigning in north carolina, saying he is the one candidate who has the political skill to take on president obama. >> mine is pretty simple. i'm the conservative with the boldest solutions to actual get america back on the right track.
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after the candidate made a pit-stop at the nascar hall of fame, his campaign announced today it's put its donor list on market in an effort to pay its bells. the campaign is $4.5 million in debt. a fire erupts in a hayward home. what caused it and the damage done to the house? cleaning up a mudslide in the east bay hills. why the crews here have to do this work very carefully to keep people living in this house above it safe. severe weather is hitting the nation's heartland. this is one of tornadoes and what is getting people to heed the warnings. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds sweetheart. we need to talk.
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. some drivers heading to san francisco got caught in a big traffic jam today. this is what it looked like much of the afternoon on at prov to the bay bridge. cars were lined up all the way back to grand avenue in oakland on interstate 580. the highway patrol says the back-up was caused by people heading to the city, possibly for the giant's game. fire officials say nammable items are to blametor a fire that left a person without a home this morning. investigators say several flammable items were piled
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together in the entryway of the home, causing the fire. firefighters had fire out in minutes, but heavy smoke damage made the home uninhabitable. the home's resident was not there at the time and no one was hurst. heavy rains this week brought down part of a hillside in east bay. as ktvu's allie rasmus explains it took crews more than 24 and a lot of careful maneuvering to shore up the hill and protect the home above it. >> reporter: this week's storms left behind a muddy mess in piedmont. this morning crews plowed away mud and plucked buried trees out of the dirt, more than 24 hours ever of a mudslide spilled out onto the road. >> it woke me up and sounded like a car crash and you saw the towned trees and realized what happened. >> reporter: he lives on top of the hill where the slide happened. crashing noise of the trees and dirt woke him up and there was
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no-going back to sleep after that. the slide exposed the concrete slab beneath the house. ever after city engineers inspected the property romaniski was able to go back home. >> if the city worked to clear the road causes more dirt to control down to undermine the private property up there. >> reporter: you can see a bit of water draining down the hillside, but neighbors say when the mudslide happened the water was gushing out of those drainage pipes underneath the house. >> there was tons of water just spewing out, like continuously. now it's up to romaniski's landlord to shore up the hill while the focus of city work crews was to re-open the road with a new addition, a guardrail. piedmont, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. anyl investigator is underway in oakland after vandals broke into more than a dozen cars and set a parking attendant booth on fire. police were called to the parking lot at the intersection
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of broadway and 17 streets last night. there they found the parking lot full of broken glass and many cars broken into it. one man said he was fortunate only change was taken from his car, but it was a difficult way to end what was a pleasant night out at a nearby restaurant. >> unfortunately for other people, other valuables were taken. he have no idea who did this. i'm disappointed, because i'm a big fan of oakland and i'm sorry this occurred downtown. >>no arrests have been made and anyone who witnessed suspicious behavior in the area is asked to call oakland police. police in fairfield say they are looking for 24-year- old alex leon. leon is accused of shooting two men in the head during a fight at perk's place bar and grill on parker road wednesday night. one of the victims died at scene. the second is expected to survive. leon is considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call
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fair field police. a new report shows home foreclosures are down in the bay area. saying banks foreclosed on almost 9200 homes last month, down from almost 11,000 homes the same time next year. the number of homes sold at auction is also down more than 50% of the report also shows that banks are starting to rent back foreclosed homes to their former owners. happening right now, officials on alert as an outbreak of tornadoes barrels through the midwest and the plains. take a look at this video of an apparent twistner central kansas. several tornadoes have also been reported in iowa, nebraska, and oklahoma. as melissa raney reports, officials are working to make sure that residents take the warnings seriously. >> reporter:
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oklahoma had its first-round with severe weather, a toward touched down leaving widespread damage in the area. forecasters say the severe weather theater is not over yet. one resident is thankful for that. >> within a few seconds it actually came through into her car seat. her face was all blooded up. most of the major stuff hit right in through here. glass thankfully missed her eyes. >> reporter: in oklahoma city, one man was walking down the street when he quickly took cover. >> i started to see 12' pieces of sheet metal coming off the roofs and big trees. >> reporter: the national weather service is experimenting on how to better inform the public about the risks of severe weather. forecasters are using more graphic terms like "catastrophic," and i complete
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destruction possible." >> toking force people to take shelter. the national weather service says a tornado outbreak is likely across the central and southern plains saturday evening and overnight. melissa raney, ktvu channel 2 news. two bay area best buy stores are among the 48 that are set to be closed by the struggling electronics chain. the stores in east palo alto and pittsburg are both closed today, but scheduled to re-open tomorrow and expected to close permanently in mid-may. last month best buy said it was cutting 400 correspondent jobs and trimming $800 million in costs. federal officials are looking to fine google offer an investigation into it's street mapping service. the federal communications commission yesterday proposed a $25,000 fine for the mountain view company:citing its reluctance with federal investigators
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google says it did cooperate with the investigation and that the fcc concluded it did not violate the law. the un reaches consensus on syria, this has new video surfaces of violence going on in the country. >> and a little bit later, celebrating the life of legend in east oakland. the storm clouds have moved out of our weather picture, coming up the temperature change you can expect for for sunday and the one parts of the bay area that could ping a few sprinkles in our five-day forecast.
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. western and iranian negotiates called today's talks over tehran's nuclear program productive. the talks between the u.s., custom uk, france, china, russia, german yes germany and iran.
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the resumption of talks comes as iran's economy is suffering under the weight of u.s. and international sanctions. the u.s. and its al lies are pushing for tehran to open its nuclear facilities to complete inspections by the un's international atomic energy agency. for the first time since the bloody conflict in syria began more than a year ago, the un security council voted unanimously today to send military observers into the country. as heather childers reports, the move come as amateur video purportedly shows scenes of syrian troops unleashing a deadly barrage on mourners. >> reporter: what you are seeing here is not only the continued assault on syrian people, but a lapse in the country's fragile ceasefire new video showing escalating violence and the ceasefire just three days old and the fighting
10:24 pm
and fear continues activists say syrian forces shelled neighbors and homes today, killing least 3 civilians. very heavy exchanges seen here with government rocket fire captured on-camera. >> just this morning, syrian forces resumed their brutal shelling of homes, and opened fire on mourners in aleppo, raising renewed doubts about the sincerity of the regime's commitment to a ceasefire. >> reporter: those mourners in aleppo hit by bullets and tear gas. at least four in the crowd killed. the un security council unanimously voting to sending monitors and this time with help from china and russia, who vetoed two previous attempts. meeting in geneva, saturday, ban ki-moon
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and kofi annan observing the green light given to the mission. we're both very relieved and happy that the council passed a unanimous resolution authorizing the deployment of the orphickers. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary-general says if the first wave of observers is successful, a larger force of 250 could be deployed in the future. in new york, heather childers. in other news of the world tonight, egyptian officials announced they are barring ten candidates from running in upcoming elections. those barred include the museum brotherhood candidate who was disqualified because of a former criminal conviction. another disqualified president was former president mubarak's spy chief suleiman, who was. in the mexican state people rescued a
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12-ton, 24' whale. the whale was able to swim out to sea after being pulled back into the water. today marks 100 years since the legendary titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the atlantic and now hundreds of people are commemorating the anniversary with a cruise for a titanic anniversary cruise. the ship is retration maiden voyage from south hampton, england, ending where the legendary ship sank. >> it will be on site as expected, and a lot of functions going on for the guests as well today, including the wreath-laying ceremony. >> that wreath laying ceremony will happen at 1:20 a.m. when the ship slipped underwater.
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former bee gee robin gibb is in a coma at a london hospital. represents for the 62-year-old musician seen on the right say he recently contracted pneumonia. he was hospitalized last year reportedly from liver cancer. maurice gibb died in 200of complications from a twisted intestine. picking up bags full of trash along bay area shorelines. who turned out for this earth day clean-up effort? and what the team is expected to bid on.
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. earth day may be a week way, but the celebration kicked off early as hundreds of volunteers action to part in a large clean-up effort around the bay area. as ktvu's alex savidge tells us that effort today could keep some state parks from shutting down. >> reporter: removing unwanted weeds, dozens of volunteers spruced up this community garden in the candlestick point recreation area. >> these plants are all drought- resistant. >> reporter: he is with the literacy for the bayview-based group that runs the garden. >> people have a deep investment in the environment and care. >> reporter: so celebrate ether day pg&e teamed up with the national parks and some parks are slated for closure and keeping them clean encourages more visitors. >> all of the projects are
10:31 pm
about creating public access to these extraordinary places, but also protecting them for future generations as well. >> reporter: across the bay today in oakland, people picked up pieces of george pataki along the water in the martin luther king, jr. regional shoreline. the park rangers says they have angonning trash problem most will because there are so many creeks and storm drains that flow directly into san leandro bay. members of this girl scout troupe took part. i'm out here to help the bird birds and animals and the people. >> reporter: the goal here to beautify and preserve our open spaces. there is news tonight of a deal to keep the historic santa cruz mission up for the next three years. mission was one of the 70 state parks slated to close on july 1st because of budget problems.
10:32 pm
under the deal a local group pledged to raise $40,' year to pay for the ongoing operation. the cherry blossoms were in full bloom on this first day of the 45th northern california cherry blossom festival in san francisco. the streets were packed in japan town as festival-goers enjoyed delicious japanese food, listened to music and browsed through the many retail stalls. crowds gathers to witness marteddial art displays of great skill and talent. organizers say most importantly this is a celebration of spring. >> it's a beautiful time in life. >> the festival continues tomorrow and next weekend. the world's longest ocean yacht race resumed today in san francisco bay. spectators watched from shore as the 10th leg of this year's chipper round the world started today near the golden gate bridge. early this morning oakland mayor jean quan helped to send off the fleet at jack london
10:33 pm
square. the boats are now making their way to new york and the one among them is the one hit by a giant wave 400 miles north the san francisco. one of the two rescued crew members today rejoined the race. what is said to be the largest all sailboat show on west coast is underway this weekend in oakland. the strictly sail pacific boat show is going on at jack london square. with more than 300 exhibitors, a hundred seminars and free sailboat rides the organizers say the show has something for everyone. sailboat show continues tomorrow until 5:00 p.m. and admission is $15 for adults. a man credited with helping change the lives of countless young people is being mourned for his unexpected death. >> reporter: dozens of young people play the game they love in piedmont, but yesterday was more about the oakland tennis coach that they miss. >> oh, very much.
10:34 pm
we were the best of friends. >> he was a father, a mother, a brother, buddy, all in one, and i'm going to really miss him. all of us. >> reporter: 53-year-old marc manning died last month, that after he spent decades working with hundreds if not thousands working with the tennis association, of which he was a pioneer. >> prior to his ascendcy to the presidency, there has never a president of color. >> reporter: manning lived in east oakland and worked absolute oakland firefighter for a time. one day he found his calling coaching tennis. >> i asked why so many kids at one time? >> he said if i could make a difference. >> reporter: he transformed the tennis courts into a sanctuary. >> he would just invit kids to play and all for free. no matter the age, race, color, age doesn't even matter.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: and doing that did much more than teach inner-city kids a racquet sport. >> a lot of them played college tennis and became coaches. >> john was told there will be an effort to carry on marc manning's legacy. next week the san francisco 49ers will break ground on their new stadium in the south bay and the team has grand ambitions for that stadium. the team reportedly plans to bid on super bowl 50 played in 2016. the santa clara stadium can expand to 75,000 seats is is more than enough to meet nfl rules for a super bowl stadium. the team is required to play two seasons in the venue before they can host a super bowl.
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cot season be over for the beard? that is coming up in sportswrap and it could be warmer than was today. meteorologist mark tamayo tells us which places could hit 70.
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. well, the bay area finally has a break in the rain with the storm clouds heading to the east, but a much different story across another part of the country react now where severe weather has been popping up. you can see on you are live stormtracker 2 a large area of the tornado outbreak from northern texas all wait through oklahoma, out towards around nebraska and basically looping this whole area. in fact, areas of a large
10:39 pm
tornado in south wichita earlier this evening. so unfortunately we could have more damage to look at first thing tomorrow morning so we'll be watching that. in the bay area, partly cloudies across the region. a fairly nice sunday coming up in our forecasttor former. tonight we'll have fair skies and a bit of a breeze. tomorrow, partly sunny and a few high clouds and then extended sun-cloud mix, but still a dry weather pattern and warmer weather pattern was well. first thing tomorrow morning, coolest locations 40 degrees, san josi 46 with partly to mostly cloudy sky because these high clouds move into the region. so with that, just a few high clouds especially for the morning hours. but then skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon. a touch warmer and that means
10:40 pm
the warmest locations around 70 degrees. dry weather apparent continues still a band of high clouds sweeping the region, but not much in the way of rainfall expected. slight chance of a sprinkle, but as you can see by 9:00 tomorrow night, mostly cloudy skies. giants game 3 playing the pirates for tomorrow afternoon and still partly sunny conditions, with temperatures around 60 degrees in san francisco. here is a look at our forecast highs for tomorrow. most areas about the same as today or a touch warmer, san francisco 41, pacifica, 59 and a few 70s sprinkled in the map for morgan hill and gilroy. your five-day forecast, by monday a few extra clouds could roll into the region. late in the afternoon there is
10:41 pm
a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay. partly sunny skies on tuesday. maybe a few extra clouds on wednesday and ken we'll really warm up the temperatures, mid- 70s by friday, but we could be possibly talking about some 80s making their way into the area. >> thank you, mark. is the beard done for the season before he even started? we'll have late news on the health of brian wilson. and the hockey playoffs are in full swing with no love loss between the sharks and blues. highlights next in sportswrap.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. just two nights ago the sharks beat st. louis in game 1 of the playoffs. no small feat considered they lost all four regular season games to the blues year, but tonight, st. louis brought out the whole whoopin' stick. ♪[ music ] charles glen with some major pipes. sharks won game 1 in double overtime. but watch how this one starts. 90 seconds into the game, marc- edouard


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